Qualification for WOC 2016

In view of the expected high demand of local players looking to represent the nation for the 40th anniversary World Othello Championship 2016 in Mito, Japan, the representative selection will be as follows:

Apart from the 9th Singapore National Othello Championship 2016 (SNOC 2016), the 5th Singapore Othello Masters Series 2015 (SOMS 2015) will also be a qualifying tournament.

The three players will be selected according to the following priority:

  1. SOMS 2015 Div One Champion –  Koh Bo Xiang
  2. SNOC 2016 Champion
  3. SNOC 2016 First Runner Up
  4. SOMS 2015 Div One First Runner Up – Kenneth Paw Su Lin
  5. SNOC 2016 Second Runner Up
  6. SNOC 2016 Third Runner Up
  7. Players thereafter will be selected as per SNOC 2016 rankings

The female representative will be selected based on SNOC 2016 rankings.