Meet the Team

Chua Ziwei President
I started playing in yahoo reversi around 1999-2000. Back then, it was more of a platform for me to socialize and meet new people as compared to playing seriously. However one day, while trying very hard to win in order to impress a certain girl -wink wink-, I noticed my opponent started sacrificing corners to attack unbalance edges and that caught my attention as I always assume that the player with more corners always win. This carried my interest to my university days where I found out that there were actually people who play othello seriously and competitively. Under the guidance of my seniors, I became slightly better and it became my main hobby since it’s a game that I think I’m better at. I am thankful for being able to meet new Othello friends not just in Singapore but around the world. After my maiden overseas tournament at Meijin 2015, I’m looking forward to meet more friends and participate in more overseas tournaments whenever possible.
Eddie Low Vice-President
I am a fan of chess games, until I found Othello in Yahoo Reversi after my O’level. It is fun and easy to pick up, and manage to learn a few tricks to win the game. Eventually my interest grew when I entered minds sports club in JC to play in competition, and become my main hobby when I entered NTU. During the years in NTU, I have found a company of friends in my hall, and we have common interest in the game. We worked towards our goal (clinch gold in Othello) and trained together for 3 years. The best acheievement is that we did it!During the years since university, I have participated many competitions (local, overseas, online), and met many friends and pros from all over the world who play competitively. This not only spurs me to train hard to become better, I also want to encourage more people to pick up the game, enjoy and have fun! Cheers!
Tan Yan Shao Secretary
Set Zhi Wei Treasurer
I first started playing during primary school, but stopped for a long while till I went to university, which rekindled my interest in Othello. It really takes a minute to learn, but a lifetime to master.
Chua Woon Yang Head of Operations
Hello! I started playing Othello seriously in 2012, even though I initially did not intend to. However, curiosity got the better of me, and with the fun group of friends then, the game became much more enjoyable. It’s going to be an exciting few years ahead, and I believe Othello will gain even more popularity in time to come!
Lim Xin Yi Head of Marketing
Othello was my childhood game. I never thought that I would take a board game so seriously, till I get exposed to it in my university. It’s fascinating to know that there are so many ways to go about playing this simple looking game. What makes it better is the company of friends – friends of the same interest who work towards a common goal together.
Clara Heng Development Manager
Othello is a fascinating board game as no outcome is certain until the last move is played. Every and any move has to be played with caution. I have enjoyed how it is possible to turn a losing end to a path of victory.
Goh See Min Development Manager
I first started playing othello on Hotmail messenger, after which I developed a deeper interest for it. Through further exposure to othello in SSOC, I decided to spend more time on it as I found it sufficiently challenging while retaining the inherent aspect of enjoyment of games. Othello has definitely proven to be a great investment of effort and attention.
Wita Claudia Aurina Development Manager
It started with a friendly game against a friend who was crazy about Othello and then I started to join my hall’s othello team due to my curiosity. Othello gets more interesting as I learn more about the different tricks, and all the training sessions spent with my team mates made me love the game even more.