Thai Othello Championship 2016: Interview #5 of 5

Interview with Chua Zi Wei [WOF Ratings: 1824, current SG ranking #19]

Q: Why did you decide to attend Thai Othello Championship 2016?

A: I tend to be adventurous and like to venture into the unknown. #YOLO. This time round, meeting new Thai friends and playing against them will be exciting!

I have been wanting to try authentic Thai milk tea as well :D

Q: How are your preparations for this tournament?

A: Play games on Reversi Wars. Will do some last minute reviews on my flight there.

Q: What are your expectations or targets that you have set yourself for this tourney?

A: Try to get a few wins. I do hope to play Piyanat regardless of the outcome! Need a lot of luck to get paired. Haha!

Q: Next question: your previous overseas tournament was Meijin Sen 2015. What are your feelings and thoughts about it?

A: It was a refreshing experience. Back in Singapore before the Meijin, I had never faced problems with time management during my games but in Japan, 6 of my 7 games went down to the very last minute, and I even timed out in one of the them. It was also an eye opener to see everyone’s enthusiasm and commitment into the game. For the Tournament itself, I could have done better in 1 or 2 of the games but overall I have to be satisfied with how I fared.

Q: You just took over as president of OOS. What are your future plans for the Othello community in Singapore?

A: We are looking to expand our local pool of players. It is always exciting to see new faces appearing for tournaments. At the same time, I know of quite a number of players who has been inactive since, I do hope that they can return to play. After all, OTB tournaments gives the most kick to playing, in my view. To achieve all these, we have already plan for more tournaments, and are also working on plans to set up more clubs in schools.

Another concern I have would be to hope to secure more sponsorship for our WOC players. Currently, I believe that Singapore do have quite a number of strong players and it shouldn’t be a problem to form a competitive team for WOC. Cost and time away from commitments should be the greatest concern for our players. This will be a difficult task for the committee but will nevertheless be one of our main objective while we are at helm.

In recent years we do have more players attending more overseas tournament, especially to have 5 of us attending the Thai open, is very encouraging. I think this is our best turn out for an overseas tournament so far, and I hope to see this number increasing.

Q: Any last words before we end?

A: Well, I can’t wait to be in Bangkok!

Editor’s note: Have fun Zi Wei! Do Team Singapore proud!