Thai Othello Championships 2016: Interview #4 of 5

Interview with Jacky Gan Chin Leng [WOF Ratings: 1829, Current unofficial SG ranking #18]

Q: Hi Jacky, can you introduce yourself further?

A: I picked up Othello in my university days where there was an inter-hall competition every year. Eventually, I team up with Zi Wei for this competition as we were taught by the same teacher and we had never won gold with our previous teams before. His proposition to me back then was a slogan of Captain Planet: “with our powers combined”. After we were in the same team, we spar for a game every night since we were roommates. I won for 10 straight nights and the daily spar ended after a month when he decided not to play with me anymore. hahaha. By the way, we won gold for my last 2 years. So I was very happy about the achievement.

My first nationals was in 2009 and I particularly remember that I was hammered by Kenneth Paw 64-0. Haizzzz. But it was all in good fun and I try to attend the yearly nationals whenever I can.

Q: So, why did you decide to attend Thai open 2016?

A: I’m interested to experience competitive games in new environment, and also want to take the chance to enjoy a holiday as I have time off.

Q: How are your preparations for this tournament?

A: Not particularly good, but fun

Q: What are your expectations or targets that you have set yourself for this tourney?

A: A respectable position -_-

Q: This is your first tournament outside Singapore. Any feelings and thoughts?

A: I’m nervous and excited about it, hopefully can get a few wins.

Q: Any last words before we end?

A: May God bless me~~

Editor’s Note: Jacky was actually a Malaysian student who attended university in Singapore. He has since graduated and is currently working as a production engineer. One of the lesser known players in the local scene, he is capable of stealing a few wins off top players when he is on song. All the best and have fun Jacky!