Thai Othello Championships 2016: Interview #3 of 5

Interview with Anthony Goh Jun Jie[WOF Ratings: 1875, current SG ranking #13]

Q: Why did you decide to attend Thai Open 2016?

Anthony: I like to take part in competitions but there are not many held in Singapore. Since Thailand is nearby, I thought I will just go for it. It will be a good lead up for SNOC (Singapore National Othello Championship).

Q: How is your preparation for this tournament?

Anthony: Sadly still not yet adequate.

Q: What are your expectations or targets that you have set yourself?

Anthony: I hope to get a top 5 finish.

Q: You attended a few overseas tournament in 2015. What are your feelings/thoughts about them?

Anthony: The WOC was the most memorable as I got to meet strong players from all around the world. It was held in Cambridge University which made it even more prestigious. I am also aiming to go Japan for WOC this year.

Q: Any last words before we end?

Anthony: Hope that OOS can organise more tournaments and create more publicity for the game.

Editor’s Note: We noted Anthony’s request for the new committee and will strive towards this direction. Have fun and all the best in Bangkok!