Thai Othello Championships 2016: Interview #2 of 5

Interview with Koh Bo Xiang [WOF Ratings: 2198, current SG ranking #2]

Q: Why did you decide to attend Thai Open 2016?

Bo Xiang: It’s a good opportunity to take a break from work, and also since my brother asked me to attend the tournament together.

Q: How is your preparation for this tournament?

Bo Xiang: I don’t usually prepare specially for tournaments. I just play a few more games online.

Q: What are your expectations or targets that you have set yourself?

Bo Xiang: I doubt this tournament will be easy. Keeping my expectations realistic, not expecting much.

Q: Your previous overseas tournament was also Thai open 2011. What are your feelings and thoughts about it?

Bo Xiang: It was a pleasant experience as I finished third. But there were games I could’ve done better then as well.

Q: Any last words before we end?

Bo Xiang: Please give chance. Thanks!

Editor’s note: Editor noticed that Bo Xiang is pretty shy during the interview. However, his casual attitude had brought him much success in the past. We wish him all the best!